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Manufacturer and Construction Leader

With many years in the construction business, Pretext Construction Pvt. Ltd. has come a long way from a start up to the leader in the industry. We believe in customer satisfaction and thus we focus on using quality materials to create beautiful spaces be it a home or commercial. Since establishing the company in 2013, Pretext Construction Pvt. Ltd.has expanded in size while maintaining its quality, friendly and personable customer service. We strive to be the best stone countertop manufacturer and constructor in the industry and a step ahead of the rest.

Our Mission

To beautify every space with magnificent, delicacy and unrivalled quality by abiding our principles on which this company was founded on.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make use of our expertise to provide services to each customer’s needs by offering exceptional products at affordable prices.

Our Approach

We are devoted to offer matchless quality and service to homeowners, designers, architects, fabricators and homeowners by using the best craft man ship and latest technologies.


Pretext Construction Pvt. Ltd. is an importer and fabricator of the premium natural stone from around the world. Our products offer an additional element of luxury and style that significantly increase the value of any home or business.

Our Expert

At Pretext Construction Pvt. Ltd. , we have a great team of professional experts which are best in their speciliazed area.No matter what problem you are facing, our experts will come up with the best possible solution for it. They will help you out from scratch to make a design which will suit your needs and specifications. Our interior designing experts will make the space a home of your dreams and well fitted for modern feel.

Professional Workers

Professional workers generally include workers who are executing cutting-edge tasks that require detailed training which is generally obtained through a Bachelor’s degree.Our team consists of expert professionals like Architects, Approval Experts and Construction Professionals along with our fine-tuned internal operations.


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