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Industrial Construction

We provide a complete range of pre-construction and constructor services. Throughout the years, we have managed to improve our craft by providing the highest quality service and best workmanship which brings out a new level of expertise to every job we take.

Our services include the following:

  • Evaluation of the preliminary design and the overall project
  • Production of cost estimates and schedules
  • Appraisal of construction methods
  • Materials and systems
  • Examination of program cost-effectiveness
  • Development of cash flow projections
  • Planning of manpower and equipment requirements
  • Administration of purchasing and expediting

We have the knowledge base, equipment and experience to handle large scale projects and havegrowingprojects on ourresume. Our commitment to quality is applied to all contracts (large or small). We’re locally available and we value our associations with local businesses.

9/10 Client Satisfaction Score

Out of box ideas for home, hassle -free experience and quality of materials establish our rating.

Heavy Materials

The materials like cement, concrete, blocks, bricks and steel which are used for structural works are available with us. Some other materials like binders, mortars, drymix or readymix concrete, aggregate, slabs, floor insulation, blocks, bricks,aircrete and even formwork are also offered.

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