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Limestone is a natural stone often formed from shells and bones of coral, shells, algae and calcium carbonate. It is very affordable as compared to its natural stone competitors such as marble and travertine. It has been the first choice of builders  because it is quite  easy to cut and work with. It is available mostly in light neutral colors like white, tan and gray which help in reflecting the sunlight and keep it cool in very hot weather. These are the best choice if you want to have elegance and beauty in a budget.

Limestone is pretty tough but it requires care due to its porous structure. You must sealed it with help a professional before or after installation. It must not be cleaned with acidic cleaners because it reacts fiercely with these. Limestone countertops can be made from either limestone slabs or limestone tiles.  The limestone slabs are solid pieces of the stone which will be installed as countertops whereas the tiles will be used as decoration material over a base countertop. The countertops made up of slabs have more durability.

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