Ordering Process

Home Ordering Process

Before Ordering Your Stone Countertop

You must keep in mind that all stones have fissures, pitting and other natural attributes. It’s part of their natural beauty, not an imperfection. These will be taken care of in our shop or at the job site and will not affect the strength, beauty and durability of your countertop.

Layout Drawing

You should come with a layout or simple drawing mentioning the measurements so we can estimate the price for your stone project on the spot.

Pick an Edge

From simple to lavish, we will guide you in finding an edge treatment that is perfect for you.

Sink Selection

We help you in selecting a high-quality sink. We take the stress out of the process by offering a line of USA made, 18-gauge stainless steel kitchen sinks and china bowl vanity sinks. We can cut for any sink model you desire as a customized design.

Faucet Selection

We also provide a range of faucets options for your kitchen and bathroom needs. You can select one based on your requirements and we will drill faucet holes to install it.

Kitchen Backsplash

We will guide you in fabricating a backsplash which matches to your countertops. Our experts will be happy to help you with design ideas.

Price Quotation

After getting details of your dimensions and design, we will make an estimation of price for your project and you will be informed about the same. We can also offer suggestions to help you stick to your budget.


We will provide you with samples to take home so that you can select easily. You must be aware that each slab of natural stone has a unique character with colour variations, patterns and markings. Small samples may not show these natural variationsbut they will absolutely give you an idea of how the stone will look in your home.

Ordering & Templating

Firm Order

Once you have finalized your selection, we will reserve enough stones for your job with a firm order. An order is called firm when we have received a signed price quote,capital improvement form and deposit amount.

Field Measure

We’ll come to your location to measure and template your job by confirming all the personal requirement asked by you. In our visit, all your project details will be finalized including seam locations, corners, overhangs, radii and support requirements.


We will layout your design and plan the cuts in such a way that stone’s natural beautyand its structural integrityare protected. After creating the template, if you would like to have input on the areas of the stone to include or avoid, we invite you to schedule an appointment to view your template on the stone.


Our experienced experts will handcraft your project in compliance with industry standards using cutting-edge tools and methods.

Stone Countertop Installation


You need to remove all items from your sink base cabinet and provide a clear and safe access area from the driveway to the work site. During the process of the installation, work site traffic should be kept as low as possible.


It is the most creative and specialized step in the process. We have ateam of experts that are seasoned craftsmen for installation process. They will keep your property protected and clean from debristill the time they complete their work. After completing the job, you will be given the opportunity to clear yourdoubts and review the work before their departure.

Final Payment

You need to release the remaining payment for the installers as discussed earlier with you.

After Installation

You will get a subsequent call from our office to ask how you like the completed project and to check whether you have any inquiries. Your satisfaction is imperative to us and we truly value your business with us.
We provide warrantyof our services for one year from the installation date. Approaching us for fixing or maintenance is no issue – just give us a call and our team will get in touch.